The 4 main processes

  • Planning the employee survey


    Careful planning is essential for the success of an employee survey... ...more
  • Executing the employee survey


    The execution of both print and online survey follows a detailed plan ...more
  • Evaluating the employee survey


    Regarding print surveys, the evaluation of the employee survey concentrates on the following key tasks ...more
  • Implementing the employee survey


    The implementation of the survey results mainly focuses on three core tasks ...more

Online employee survey


Demand-oriented consulting

When you opt for an employee survey with ISPA consult, you can access know-how based on evidence. ...more

Follow-up-Activity Planner

Follow-up-Activity Planner

Employee survey


employee survey creates transparency!

Sensitive - Friendly - Intelligent!

A professionally executed employee survey leads to increased productivity and loyalty.

Your advantages through the use of an employee survey:

  • You signalise interest and appreciation to your employees and thus increase their motivation and their willingness to perform.
  • You can identify operational strengths and development potentials in the working environment, in the leadership behaviour, in workflows and patterns as well as in the corporate culture.
  • You get a representative image of your employees' individual assessments and opinions.
  • Employee surveys serve as an instrument for early warning. By the use of the survey results, selective measures can be initiated in order to reduce weaknesses.
When you opt for an employee survey with ISPA consult, you can access know-how based on evidence and longtime application experience.

Internal customer surveys

Internal customer surveys are special cases among employee surveys... more

Company Attractivity Survey CAS

Detecting and improving the company attractivity ...more